Facility is the ultimate hotel operations application.

Check the results from a 200-room hotel using Facility:


200 h
man-hours saved per month


less inventory loss

increase in reported maintenance issues

less sheets of paper

Do you want to improve your hotel operations too?

A happy returning guest is what you want.

Don’t waste your precious time with paper reports and phone calls. Improve the way hotel staff communicates with Facility and use the time you save on the most important thing – the satisfaction of your guests.

  • "You want to know what we got with Facility? A revolution. Since we started using it, we barely use our phones, my department has improved drastically. Everything I need to know is a click away; the application offers clarity and is really user friendly. I believe that our department now has order, workflow is not obstructed and the number of errors has decreased enormously."
    Barbara Polak Tomšič
    Barbara Polak Tomšič Housekeeping Manager, Union hotels


  • "Facility has made a huge difference in the work processes in our hotel. We speeded up the flow of information and made it more reliable, which resulted in better work planning and more efficient control over completed tasks."
    Milan Sajovic
    Milan Sajovic Hotel Manager, Union hotels


  • "The application has made our whole workflow easier and incomparably faster. We can inform people from different departments about a task/situation and the flow of information is faster. At the same time it gives us a clear room overview, a better morning work organization and the housekeepers are informed about any changes made.”
    Eva Serpan Sitar
    Eva Serpan Sitar Housekeeping Manager, Hotel Creina


  • “I can say that Facility is one of the few programs that is entirely designed for hotel operations and is not only a part of the PMS system that we normally use. It is a tool which understands what operations managers need to make the processes easy, employees efficient and to stay ahead of guests.“
    Martin Šabec
    Martin Šabec Group Chief Operations Officer, Terme Maribor


  • “Facility is most definitely an indispensable element in innovative hotel management, which takes you a step closer to a luxurious service. By optimizing all work processes among the staff it minimizes human error-based flaws. Facility helped us enhance the quality of the service we offer to our guests, which leads to greater satisfaction.“
    Gregor Jamnik
    Gregor Jamnik General Manager, Best Western Premier Hotel Slon


  • “The Facility application really makes the life of hotel staff easier. It is the perfect tool which helps you control all the processes in a hotel, it keeps you up to date and brings the communication between employees to another level. And most importantly, it helps us improve our final product, bringing even more satisfaction to our guests.“
    Anton Ovchinnikov
    Anton Ovchinnikov Receptionist, Antiq Palace Hotel


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